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Anita is an educational consultant in the fields of music and arts education. Her experience is built on over two decades as a practising teacher in schools and over a decade as a practising teacher educator in the university sector. She understands the educational contexts across all school ages, both Australian and International school systems, across pedagogical approaches and cutting-edge educational research and practices.


As an experienced educator, researcher and writer, and with these three skills, Anita can contribute to projects from inception through to implementation. As a consultant, Anita has contributed to a broad range of projects such as the OECD 2030 Framework, the South Australian Music Education Strategy and the Australian Chamber Orchestra Foundations Program.

Evaluation & Advice

Anita can provide evaluation and advice services across small and large projects. These have included music program evaluation and development, teacher training, pedagogical approaches and parent engagement. Anita enjoys working with teams who are ready to make bold changes, whether they be in a single school to across a school system, state or nation.


Anita is an educational researcher versed in both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. She assists with analysing and applying research to educational contexts, as well as ongoing supervision of PhD students. Anita has a unique skill in translating complex research findings into everyday language for the teacher, parent and student.


Anita is fascinated by the multiple ways that commonly experienced problems in implementation can be solved. No one educational context is the same, so flexibility and creative problem solving are her strengths. Anita also believes that we need to work tirelessly to provide the most effective and authentic educational experience for every child when it comes to implementing enhanced music programs.


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Anita deeply enjoys the educational experience of coaching teachers in a one-on-one coaching context. She has assisted teachers in implementing research projects in their schools, navigating the tricky process of applying for postgraduate study, publishing their first article in a peer-reviewed journal or finding their voice when it comes to presenting to parents and school leaders.

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