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As a teacher and music conductor, Anita has had a great deal of experience presenting ideas and leading her audience or musicians. Yet the surge in presenting engagements since 2014 has been significant. Anita puts this down to the transformative experience she had during the lead up to her TEDx Talk. Her speaking coach for this event, a normal aspect of the TED Talk preparation process, helped her find her unique style and have the confidence to use her training as a musician to make every presentation resonate and challenge her audience.

Online Q&A Presentations

Due to the pandemic and ongoing restrictions, Anita explored the best way to deliver online presentations. She strives to create experiences that can effectively engage the audiences and are enjoyable for her to deliver. After experimenting with several formats, Anita found that 60-90 minute online presentations that involve a short presentation, followed by questions via the chat function or a moderator, are effective and allow Anita to cater specifically to the interests of the online audience.


Anita has delivered keynote addresses for industry groups, principals, policymakers, students and parents. Each keynote is different and focuses on the research and stories that will be most familiar and immediately applicable to the audience.

Focused Meeting

Sometimes shorter and informal is better. Anita has enjoyed significant impact when presenting at focused meetings. For example, as a guest at a board meeting or dinner speaker, where a short 10-minute speech can get the audience talking, debating and engaging all through the meeting. Having access to Anita to then engage in informal and big picture discussion can really get the ball rolling.


Anita is a very experienced educator for both children and adults. While keynotes are always fun, she would prefer to have the time and space to help her learners, whether they be grown-up or not, to delve more deeply into the research. Anita’s workshops are bespoke and are designed around the needs and interests of the audience.


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Ongoing Engagement

The greatest joy for Anita is to continue to engage with a school, staff group or educational team over months and years. To advise and help a team to journey through developing a music program is an enormous privilege. Anita enjoys investing in ongoing engagements where leaders invest in ongoing, sustainable and innovative change in their schools and systems.

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